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About Carly

Carly RCS is a highly active company and expert in the field of refrigeration, supplying components for refrigeration and air-conditioning, renewable energy and industrial maintenance. Founded in 1923, the company has built a solid international reputation and exports 60% of its T.O. All of its products are manufactured in France (Europe) and the company offers its customers the know-how of decades of experience in diverse areas such as metalwork, mechanics, soldering, brazing, assembly, chemistry, etc.

CARLY RCS has designed and marketed a complete new line of components to meet the demand of high pressure CO2. The company has recently launched many components in the HP ranges, for CO2 applications in subcritical and transcritical operating conditions of 64, 90 and 140 bar.

Complete lines of Carly products include:

  • Liquid line Anti-acid filter driers DCY-P6/P8/P14 with Working Pressure = 64/80/140 bar
  • Suction filter FACY-P8 with Working Pressure = 80 bar
  • Filter shell driers BCY-P6/14 with Working Pressure = 64/140 bar
  • Dirt Y-filters FILTRY-P9 with Working Pressure = 90 bar
  • Dirt filters FCY-P6 with Working Pressure = 64 bar
  • Discharge line mufflers SCY-P6/P14 with Working Pressure = 64/140 bar
  • Oil separator TURBOIL-R-P14 with Working Pressure = 140 bar
  • Oil filters HCYF-P6/P14  with Working Pressure = 64/140 bar
  • Check Valves CRCY-P9 with Working Pressure = 90 bar
  • Customized products : P6/P9/P14 suction accumulators and  P6/P9/P14 liquid receivers with Working Pressure = 64/90/140 bar

With this additional product portfolio, Carly is one of the first companies worldwide to offer such a complete range of components for transcritical CO2 applications.


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