SPAR expects the system to improve energy efficiency and reduce the distribution centre’s carbon footprint. The new facility in Ebergassing is one of the most innovative and sustainable in the world, according to Gerald Geiger, director (building/energy/technology) at SPAR Austria. “Carrier’s CO2 system meets our need for a long-term, cost-effective solution,” he said.

Carrier’s CO2OLtec refrigeration racks are designed for large capacity loads and are thus particularly suited to distribution centres. The Ebergassing location includes 44,000 m2 of floor space, of which 19,000 m2 is for product refrigeration.

“This amazing project is not only the first distribution centre refrigerated by a CO2 system in Austria, but also one of the largest installations by Carrier in Europe,” said Wolfgang Hobisch, managing director at Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, Austria.

The system also allows for waste heat recovery. About 500 kW of heating capacity can be collected from the refrigeration process and be reused for space heating at SPAR’s distribution centre.