Italian manufacturer Castel has introduced three valves suitable for high-pressure CO2 applications.

The new 1427E and 1428E solenoid valves are for 120 and 140bar pressure (1740 and 2031 PSI), respectively. The new safety valve, the 3061E, has a set pressure of 150 bar (2176 PSI). Castel introduced other CO2 valives  at Chilventa in 2018

The entire range of Castel CO2 valves is suitable for applications like heat pumps, industrial refrigeration, commercial and industrial air conditioning, refrigerated transportation and supermarket installations.

“With these product ranges Castel is now the ideal partner for air conditioning and refrigeration applications, with no limits for the new refrigerants both today and in the incoming years,” said Application Manager Stefano Matti.

However, Castel doesn’t just offer standardized solutions. “For special applications, or items not included in the existing general catalogue, Castel is able to design and manufacture a customized solution to meet a specific application,” Matti stressed. 

“Castel engineers can work closely with the R&D department of [our] clients and in this way it is possible to understand and study in detail the application in order to develop new technologies or new solutions, not yet available on the market,” he explained. “This essential synergy is beyond the standard supplier-client relationship and is more like a reliable and proactive partnership with a focus on the common growth.”

Castel is a family-operated business, established in 1961. It is headquartered in Pessano Con Bornago, near Milan, in Northern Italy.

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