Catalan healthy food company Ametller Origen has chosen a CO2 refrigeration system from Koxka for its new 1,200m2 (12,917ft2) supermarket in Barcelona, Spain.

Ametller is happy with the system, which is already in operation. “The installation was carried out in accordance with the specification and execution deadline, and the operation of the installation after six months is optimal,” said Jorge Cansino, Project and Works Technician with Ametller Origen. “We are very satisfied with the work carried out and continue to count on Koxka for future projects.”

The system, designed and developed by Koxka, utilizes single-stage compressors and permanent magnet motor technology, which improves efficiency, said Koxka. The system also uses a gas/liquid exchanger (IHX) for subcooling the CO2, according to Spanish magazine Frio Calor Aire Condicionado.

The store is equipped with cabinets from Italian manufacturer Arneg‘s LX line and Korinthos 3 “serve over counter.” In addition to the remote CO2 cabinets in the store is the NIMES LX, an “extremely silent” vertical multi-deck plug-in cabinet using propane (R290) as the refrigerant.

The efficiency of the system is helped by the use of a Danfoss AK-PC 772A control system with remote monitoring. The controller provides a record of all system variables for data management, analysis and early prediction of faults, said Frio Calor Aire Condicionado.

The system’s gas cooler is designed to operate at a 30% higher capacity than what the store requires, which is 92kW/26.2TR), and cools the CO2 in the transcritical state from 114.7°C to 39.8°C (238.5°F to 103.6°F) at 102bar pressure.

The system design achieves a “high” cooling performance by incorporating self-spaced corrugated fins, Koxka said on its website. Furthermore it has a low noise level at full load and keeps energy consumption to a minimum by incorporating electronic EC fans, which allows the speed to be modulated according to the operational needs of the store.

The system is also equipped with medium-pressure flash-gas bypass valves for “maximum system reliability,” according to Frio Calor Aire Condicionado.

Ametller Origen specializes in producing healthy quality food. The company operates shops, restaurants and a wine club, and also supplies fruit and vegetables for restaurateurs and other kitchen professionals. The retail area is the core of the company’s activities, according to its LinkedIn page.