Last month, the second Chinese store to use a transcritical CO2-based refrigeration system was opened in Beijing.

The first was a METRO China store, also in Beijing, which opened in January.

According to B2B website LinkShop, the installation of the transcritical CO2 system was part of a three-month store renovation project, which ran from April to July.

The project aimed to make the store more energy efficient and environmentally friendly and also included upgrades to the store’s lighting, display cases, freezing and air-conditioning systems.

CSF Market Chairman Li Yanchuan noted that “although the hardware costs 10% more, it is projected to save 15% on electricity bills a year”.

“Energy conservation and environmental protection are social responsibilities and our supermarket should be at the forefront of this as a state-owned enterprise,” he said.

The transcritical CO2 system was supplied by Panasonic, which debuted a transcritical CO2 rack at China Refrigeration 2018 last April.

A number of the latest retail-enabled technologies have also been installed including cashless mobile payment systems, video-based surveillance systems for big data analysis, fully electronic displays, and facial recognition-based automatic customer lockers.

According to the article, CSF Market is one of China’s fastest growing local retail chains, now with 150+ store locations. It ranks 84th on the China Chain Store & Franchise Association’s (CCFA) 2017 list of China’s Top 100 Chain Stores and 39th on CCFA’s 2017 China Fast Moving Consumer Goods Chain Top 100 rankings list.

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