In a sign of the growing effort by Chinese manufacturers to develop CO2 transcritical technology, Chinese OEM Zhejiang XingXing Refrigeration Co., Ltd. (XingXing) debuted a new transcritical CO2 rack system at ChinaShop 2018, held 1-3 November in Kunming, China.

The rack incorporates both parallel compression and ejector technology in order to maximize energy efficiency when used in China’s warm ambient temperatures.

The ejector, high pressure valves and control system were provided by CAREL. The compressors were provided by Dorin.

Tingxun Zhang, director of XingXing’s cold chain research and development department, explained the importance of incorporating the latest advancements in CO2 technology into the system’s design in order to improve energy efficiency in China.

“In China, from the South to the North, most of the regions belong to the medium ambient temperature [range] and even the high ambient temperature [range],” said Zhang. “So maybe transcritical booster systems plus the parallel compressor design, plus the gas ejector design will be the best solution for China applications.”

Currently, the company is in the beginning stages of seeking its first customers for the transcritical CO2 system. The company attracted a lot of interest during the exhibition.

“During the past two days, a lot of component suppliers, our end users and even some local Chinese manufacturers came to our booth and we talked about the new CO2 design and the different running models,” he said. “We talked about it alot, definitely.”

The company joins other OEMs offering transcritical CO2 rack systems in China, including China-based Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration System (Dalian) Co., Ltd., which exhibited their own transcritical CO2 rack system at China Refrigeration in April (Panasonic did not exhibit the system at ChinaShop this year), and DongQi Technology, which has recently completed the development of its own transcritical CO2 rack system.

XingXing is also one of China’s leading manufacturers of hydrocarbon-based light-commercial plug-in systems and showcases – which were also on display at the exhibition.

Zhejiang XingXing Refrigeration Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of XingXing Group Co., Ltd. which makes domestic and commercial refrigeration equipment, with three manufacturing bases in Taizhou, Xuzhou, and Foshan. Its annual production capacity is 6 million units and it exports to overseas markets, including North America, Europe, and Asia among others.

ChinaShop 2018: XingXing debuts transcritical CO2 system

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