Several of China’s leading industrial refrigeration equipment suppliers are exhibiting natural refrigerant systems at the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo (CFSE) 2018.

The exhibition is currently being held from 7-9 November at the Qingdao International Expo Center in Qingdao, China.

A representative of Moon Environment Technology Co., Ltd. (Moon Tech), one of China’s leading industrial refrigeration system suppliers, told this website that the company is exhibiting a “CO2 screw refrigeration compressor unit” and an “AIST-CO2/NH3 cascade package unit”.

In addition, the company is exhibiting a spiral freezer and a “slurry ice unit” which can run on both CO2 or NH3.

Shandong Shenzhou Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shandong Shenzhou), a subsidiary of Moon Tech, is exhibiting “a transcritical CO2 refrigeration system that can produce 40-90°C hot water while also meeting the dual temperature zones of -30/-18°C,” said a company representative.

“This is the latest product developed by our company’s technical engineers,” he added.

“This unit was developed in response to the national environmental cooling requirements and has not yet been mass-produced. We plan to use such units in next year’s projects,” the representative said.

Shandong Shenzhou exhibiting its CO2 transcritical booster system at China Fisheries and Seafood Expo 2018.

Yantai Aowei Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd. (Aowei), another leading Chinese supplier of industrial refrigeration systems, is exhibiting NH3/CO2 cascade and secondary refrigeration systems, as well as a subcritical CO2 screw compressor.

Deep sea fish demand driving refrigeration technology

Shandong Shenzhou’s Zhang told this website that increased demand for deep sea fish from Chinese consumers was driving the fisheries industry to upgrade its refrigeration technology.

Zhang said this demand had, “created a new trend of ocean-going fishing vessels increasing and upgrading their refrigeration systems to match wider temperature ranges”.

Shaoqin Wu, general manager for Aowei echoed this by saying, “deep sea fishing boats have been upgraded and these newly built boats use ammonia refrigeration systems for frozen processing and storage of fish”.

“For complex food processing, large storage of seafood, new construction projects and partial renovation projects, NH3/CO2 refrigeration systems have become the first choice due to the restriction policy of HCFC refrigerants,” Wu said.

The China Fisheries and Seafood Expo 2018 is held annually. This year is its 23rd edition. The show is one of the biggest international exhibitions for China’s exploding seafood industry. This year the exhibition is expecting 1,500 exhibiting companies and 30,000 attendees.

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