With interest in CO2 (R744) refrigeration for industrial applications growing across the U.S, Pro Refrigeration’s CEO, Jim VanderGiessen Jr., will discuss his company’s CO2 chillers in an interview with ATMOsphere’s Marc Chasserot on Thursday, July 21, at 5pm CEST/11am EDT.

The interview will be live-streamed on R744.comYouTube (ATMOsphereTV) and LinkedIn. You will be able to ask questions and interact with VanderGiessen and Chasserot through the ATMOsphere LinkedIn page. The online event is free to attend.

ATMOsphere is the publisher of R744.com

Founded in 1990 and based in Auburn, Washington (U.S.), Pro Refrigeration produces packaged CO2 chillers for a number of industrial end users including dairy producers, craft-beverage makers and bakeries.

Last year, the manufacture commissioned its first CO2-based chiller for a dairy in Tulare, California (U.S.), demonstrating the benefits of natural refrigerants in reducing operating costs, improving operational efficiency and reducing environmental impact. In May 2022, Pro Refrigeration supplied a new CO2 chiller system to cool an Alaska-based microbrewery’s ready-to-drink cocktails.

Pro Refrigeration’s ProGreen Solutions line uses CO2, which minimizes the impact on global warming without sacrificing operating efficiency, according to the manufacturer. In addition to providing cooling, Pro’s chillers also offer heat reclamation for hot water generation.

In 2013 Pro Refrigeration opened a state-of-the-art production facility in Mocksville, North Carolina.

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