From 29th of May to June 1st, the CO2 Academy (a a Swedish brand owned by Frigo Natural AB in Sweden) in Aeres Tech, Netherlands, ran a four-day training course on CO2 technology with a multinational audience of engineers, project managers and refrigeration technicians

The 19 attendees from Canada, U.S., Iceland, Romania, Spain and Poland learned through practical and theoretical methods how to use CO2 technology.

The theoretical training did not just cover how to use a standard CO2 booster system but delved into newer technology like parallel compression and ejectors, along with other warm-climate solutions, as well as heat recovery.

The attendees were pleased with the training they received. “I just spend a marvellous time learning and getting trained on CO2 thanks to the CO2 Academy,” said German Robledo, Latin America Sales Manager at Vilter – Industrial Refrigeration – Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions who attended the May/June course, in a press release from CO2 Academy

Practical exercises with a transcritical booster unit connected to fridges and freezers included a demonstration of start-up tests , and a checklist for working on the refrigeration system safely and avoiding mistakes when installing CO2 systems.                                                                                          

“I have taken other CO2 trainings in other sites and so far the CO2 Academy surpass [my] expectations.  I recommend to anyone involved in CO2 to take this training, you will not be disappointed,” Robledo said.The CO2 Academy is running the following training sessions, in English and Swedish, during September:

  • A two-day training for theoretical engineers 25-26 September;
  • A two-day training practical training for technicians  27-28 September;
  • And a four-day training that covers both theoretical and practical approaches to CO2 technology 25-28 September.

Click here to visit the CO2 Academy website to learn more and register for the courses.   

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