A growing number of exhibitors will be showing CO2 (R744) products and hosting related presentations at the 2023 AHR Expo (International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition), taking place concurrently with the ASHRAE Winter Conference in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.), February 6–8, 2023.

Manufacturers and suppliers from around the world are expected to unveil the latest additions to their product line-ups, demonstrate what is new and innovative about the technologies, provide product details and answer questions, according to the event’s website.

Since 1930, the AHR Expo has gathered OEMs, engineers, contractors, facility operators, architects, educators and other industry professionals to explore the latest trends and applications and to cultivate mutually beneficial business relationships.

The 2022 AHR Expo took place in Las Vegas and included more than 1,650 exhibitors, many of whom showcased natural refrigerant products.

Here are some of the 2023 show exhibitors expected to showcase R744-related products:

Baltimore Aircoil Company, Booth C6731

Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) will be showcasing its TrilliumSeries Adiabatic Cooler, which is ideal for applications that demand a combination of energy efficiency and limited water use. The cooler is designed to make installation and ongoing maintenance simple, according to the company.

Danfoss, Booth B3231

Danish component manufacturer Danfoss recently announced its intent to acquire German compressor manufacturer BOCK. Earlier this year, it also unveiled a suite of components designed to support transcritical CO2 rack systems for small-format stores or partial retrofits of larger stores.

Dorin USA, Booth B1546

Italian compressor manufacturer Dorin has a growing portfolio of CO2 compressors in all sizes that will be on display. It recently introduced a large-size compressor for industrial and light-industrial applications, but customers are requesting even bigger capacities. Existing ranges have also been updated to improve energy efficiency.

ECO2, Booth B2275

U.S.-based ECO2 Systems will exhibit its CO2 domestic hot water heat pumps. Its R744 GS4-45HPC and the GS4-45HPC-D heat pump units have a capacity of 15,400 Btu/h or 4.5kW for water heating and will create between 17 and 21 gallons per hour (64 and 79 liters per hour) of either 145°F (63°C) or 150°F (66°C) hot water.

Emerson, Booths B1839 and B1849

U.S. component manufacturer Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions expects that distributed CO2 refrigeration systems such as small racks and condensing units could play a growing role in North America. The company recently announced that a modular refrigeration unit with CO2 scroll compressors for small and medium retail stores will be available in Europe by early 2023.

Evapco, Booth C5725

U.S. refrigeration manufacturer Evapco announced its first industrial/commercial CO2 gas cooler this year, in both air-cooled and adiabatic versions, as part of its eco-Air Series. The CO2 gas cooler comes in two air-cooled configurations – V Coil and Flat Coil. The V Coil model also has an adiabatic pre-cooling option. The Flat Coil model is well-suited for elevated installations with bottom-airflow clearance.

Mueller Streamline, Booths B2917 and B3017

Mueller Streamline is an U.S.-based integrated manufacturer and distributor of piping systems solutions. The company’s flagship products include copper tubing, line sets, fittings, valves, and related items for Plumbing and HVACR applications. It also offers XHP tube and fittings plus multiple lines of ancillary products including a ball valve series designed to address the market requirements for operating pressures and temperatures above the critical point for CO2.

Teklab, Booth C6359

Based in Italy, Teklab offers a wide range of electro-optic liquid- level sensors, which feature “small size, reliability, no moving parts, long life, efficacy and economy,” the company said. Its products can be used in high-pressure and extreme-temperature R744 cooling systems. All sensors used with R744 can handle pressures up to 150bar (2,176psi) and temperatures up to 125°C (257°F).

Temprite, Booth C7809

Temprite, a U.S. manufacturer of oil management products for refrigeration systems, recently received the Natural Refrigerants Label from ATMOsphere, the publisher of this website. It has been marketing a large industrial coalescent oil separator for transcritical CO2 systems.

Westermeyer, Booths B2917 and B3017

U.S.-based Westermeyer Industries designs, manufactures and distributes high-quality components for the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, both for commercial and industrial applications. The company offers complete design services and custom components to fit unique system specifications, as well as a standard offering of catalog components.

New product presentations

The expo will also feature many new product presentations that are free to attend for all registered attended. Among the 150 currently listed, a handful of natural refrigerant product sessions have also been announced. These include:

E3 Supervisory Controls for CO₂ Refrigeration Systems from Emerson,” taking place on Monday, February 6th, will be presented by Emerson. “E3 for CO₂ helps reduce installation time and complexity by consolidating multiple applications into one, CO₂-specific workflow,” according to Emerson.

Eco-Friendly Lync Aegis CO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters Aid in Decarbonization” on Monday, February 6th, will be presented by Lync by Watts. Learn about Lync’s Aegis commercial electric, CO2 heat pump water heaters as they reveal what they call “one of the cleanest, most efficient and environmentally friendly domestic hot water solutions.”

The Largest Semi-Hermetic CO2 Compressor Available in the Market, UL and cUL Listed” will be presented by Dorin on Tuesday, February 7th. Attendees can find out more about this new compressor platform that is packed with automotive engineering solutions.

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