NOTE: The live streaming has now finished, but you can watch the full interview here on Youtube.

Heat pumps have gotten an enormous boost recently, with interest booming from a variety of markets, as people realize their potential to help decarbonize the heating supplies in a variety of markets.

Kim Christensen, Managing Director of Danish OEM Fenagy will today be speaking to ATMOsphere’s Marc Chasserot about CO2 heat pumps and their use in applications like district heating. They will  also address CO2 in industrial refrigeration and other applications like data centers, process cooling and more.

The Fenagy interview is free to access. It will be live streamed on R744 and LinkedIn and starts at 2pm CEST (8am EST), Wednesday, May 25.

Fenagy is a new Danish OEM, specializing in industrial refrigeration and heat pumps – using only CO2. Christensen has many years experience working with CO2 solutions, and was previously the CEO of well-known Danish OEM Advansor, a company focusing on commercial CO2 solutions.

Christensen and Chasserot will talk about Fenagy and the idea behind the company, and the projects Christensen and his colleagues are working on, including several district heating installations already completed or in progress.

They will also address policy and what it will take for CO2 heat pumps and industrial refrigeration systems to play a major part in decarbonising Europe, and the rest of the world.