The website Automotive News presented a PACE (Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence) award to Valeo, a French automotive supplier, for its CO2 transcritical mobile air-conditioning system last week (9 April) at an awards event hosted by the website in the U.S. city of Detroit.

The CO2 mobile air-conditioning (MAC) system is aimed at electric vehicles and has been used in Mercedes Benz (a brand of Daimler AG) cars, according to Automotive News.

The CO2 MAC system can provide heating as well as cooling to a hybrid vehicle while operating in electrical mode.

Compared with HFC-based systems, Valeo’s system “can extend electric vehicle autonomy by up to 30%, in temperatures as low as -20°C,” according to the French supplier.

The company also won another PACE award for its laser scanner that can help autonomous vehicles detect stationary and moving objects.

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