CO2 Academy is offering two CO2 technology training courses in Aeres Tech, Netherlands to help technicians and engineers interested in having the right skills to keep up with the latest developments in technology.

Through both theoretical and practical training, the courses stress the importance of understanding CO2 refrigeration technology and the essential role played by consultants and engineers in dealing with end users and contractors.

Offered to small groups of 7-12 participants, all the courses are held in English, or Swedish depending on demand. The tentative four-day course content is available online here and two-day course here.

The two-day training courses will take place on 23-24 January for engineers and 25-26 January for technicians. The four-day course is offered for both engineers and technicians on 23-26 January. The last day to sign up for the courses is Friday 22 December.

Click here to visit the CO2 Academy website to learn more and register for the courses.   

Author Eda Isaksson

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