CO2 transcritical and subcritical training will take place In the months of Autumn – September, October and November – at the German system manufacturer Compact Kältetechnik’s facility near Dresden. 

The training will be in German at its in-house training center, where demonstrations on transcritical CO2 booster systems and subcritical CO2 cascade systems will be carried out. Compact also offers individual training on other dates if these don’t suit (and in English).

The courses are divided into one-day basic training and two-day advanced training sessions.

The basic training, which will take place on October 11, and will cover practical and theoretical training on how to install CO2 refrigeration technology. There will also be a test at the end of the day.

Advanced Basic Training, which will take place on 11-12 September and on 6-7 September, covering subcritical CO2 on the first day and transcritical CO2 on the second day. It will also have a test at the end of the training. The advanced training deals with heat recovery and heat pump options as well. 

To find out more information about training please check out their website by clicking on this link or by contacting Compact’s Stefanie Schöne.

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