U.K.-based Conex Bänninger, a global provider of fittings, valves and accessories, has joined the world’s leading CO2 (R744)-based HVAC&R stakeholders as a bronze partner of the R744.com marketplace.

The company’s K65 copper-iron brazed fittings, developed in conjunction with Wieland, enable the installation of high-pressure refrigeration applications up to 1,885psi (130bar).  The range is particularly suited for use with CO2 in transcritical applications as the K65 alloy provides a mechanical strength high enough to withstand the pressure ratings required. The diameter of the K65 copper alloy fittings range from ⅜ to 2-⅛in (0.95 to 5.4cm) with plans to go up to 2-⅝in (6.7cm).

Conex Bänninger offers >B< MaxiPro flame-free press fittings from ¼ to 1-⅜in (0.64 to 3.5cm), with plans to go up to 1-⅝in (4.1cm) and 2-⅛in; they operate up to 700psi (48.3bar). Its product portfolio also includes brands such as Conex Compression and Triflow Solder Ring. All products have ISO 9001 certification.

Founded in 1909,  Conex Bänninger is part of the IBP Group, with manufacturing facilities, research and development, and employees based around the world.