Coop Italy is the largest retail chain in Italy, and its multi-format structure includes 100 hypermarkets and over 1,400 supermarkets, convenience and discount stores. Coop Liguria is one of the nine large cooperatives within the Coop group.

CO2 a standard for low temperature refrigeration

Since the first transcritical CO2 system installation in Italy in 2002—at a Coop store in Lestans, CO2 based refrigeration systems have been installed in dozens more stores. According to their 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility report COOP Liguria has adopted CO2 as the standard refrigerant in all news stores and remodels for low temperature refrigeration. What is more, heat recovery from the refrigeration systems used for hot water production is also being rolled out, alongside placing glass doors on refrigerated cabinets.

Technical specifications of the Carasco CO2 installation

 Cooling capacity:

  • 1st circuit: MT – 105kW, LT – 15.3 kW
  • 2nd circuit: MT – 113kW, LT – 16 kW

 Booster compressor rack:

  • 1st rack: MT – 170 kW, LT – 24.4 kW
  • 2nd rack: MT – 170 kW, LT – 24.4 kW

 Compressors for each rack:

  • MT: Dorin 3 x CD 3000H (1 compressor with inverter control)
  • Parallel Compressor: 1 x CD 3000H (1 compressor with inverter control)
  • LT: Dorin 2 x CD 1000M (1 compressor with inverter control)

 Heat recovery – Rec. Winter  (+30°C):

  • Night: 136,4 kW
  • Day: 109,1 kW

Dorin’s CO2 semi-hermetic compressors

Italian compressor manufacturer Dorin’s CD compressor range consists of three different families designed for different applications and conditions. The complete line, the widest in the market, has a special design derived from the automotive industry, which offers utmost reliability, perfect thermal dissipation and maximised energy efficiency. The CD3000H and CD 1000M installed in the COOP Carasco store have the following features:


  • 4 cylinder compressors
  • Displacements from 17.8m3/h at 50Hz with inverter drive capability


  • 2 cylinder compressors
  • Displacements from 6.92m3/h at 50Hz with inverter drive capability

About Dorin

Dorin was founded in 1918 as a machining center manufacturer, entering the field of refrigeration in 1932 with its first open-drive compressor range. Since the early 50s, Dorin has produced semi-hermetic compressors, commissioning the first CO2 transcritical type in 1999. The company produces more than 70,000 compressors per year.


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