Danfoss’ CO2 Mobile Training Unit is designed to address a growing industry need for knowledgeable and skilled CO2 technicians, with the natural refrigerant becoming an increasingly popular choice for HVAC&R customers globally. It is now heading to Australia and New Zealand to help the local communities there to improve their competency with CO2 technology.

“Part of our mission with the CO2 Mobile Training Unit is to provide system builders, as well as contractors, service technicians, installers, and technical departments with the necessary knowledge about CO2 that will enable them to take advantage of the full potential of this natural refrigerant.

Inderpal Saund, Danfoss

Danfoss will hold “open house” sessions to show off the training unit’s equipment and components for CO2 solutions as well as hands-on training sessions led by dedicated Danfoss CO2 experts who will share their in-depth knowledge of the natural refrigerant’s properties. The sessions will also shed light on the opportunities and challenges surrounding the use of CO2.

“The technology for CO2 is available today, although it continues to evolve,” said Inderpal Saund, Danfoss’ business development manager (food retail) for the Asia-Pacific region.

The CO₂ solutions presented in the mobile training unit range from simple gas-bypass systems to more complex parallel compression solutions with or without heat reclaim.

Moreover, the training unit introduces the Danish multinational’s AHR Expo Innovation Award-winning ejector technology, which many industry experts recognise as key to the evolution of transcritical CO₂ refrigeration. These ejectors have the potential to boost the energy efficiency of systems by up to 20% on the hottest days of the year, thereby solving a problem that previously limited the use of transcritical CO₂ systems to milder climates.

By attending the training modules, the participants will learn about designing transcritical systems (booster, parallel and ejectors), commissioning CO2 systems, setting up pack and case controls, observing service procedures, and troubleshooting and correction.

Danfoss’ CO2 Mobile Training Unit will be on display in:

  • Sydney, TAFE NSW, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trades, Nirimba College, 12-21 September;
  • Melbourne, Danfoss Office: 2 National Drive, Dandenong South, 27 September-6 October;
  • Auckland, Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT), 24 October-2 November.

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Author Eda Isaksson

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