Danish OEM Danfoss has introduced an outdoor CO2 condensing unit, the Optyma iCOwith a cooling capacity of 1.5 to 4.7kW (0.43 to 1.3TR).

The outdoor unit was unveiled at this week’s EuroShop trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany, and aims to bring CO2 refrigeration to a new segment of convenience stores with reduced indoor space. It will be commercially available later in 2020, according to John Broughton, Global Application Expert at Danfoss.

The Optyma iCO2 is a plug-and-play stackable solution for medium-temperature applications. The current capacity is suitable for 1.5m to 10m (5 to 33ft) of display cabinets, but the unit can also be used to refrigerate cold rooms.

However, Danfoss doesn’t plan on stopping there, and the company is already planning a range extension, said Broughton.

The Optyma has been designed for outdoor installation at convenience stores, which are of course often located in highly populated areas. The unit has therefore been designed with strict noise level limitations in mind. Testing is still ongoing, but the company expects a very low low level, according to Broughton.

The Optyma iCOcan be connected with Danfoss’ ADAP-KOOL  case controller solution to enable remote monitoring and management. The ADAP-KOOL is part of Danfoss’ Smart Store Concept, which aims to save not only energy and heating costs, but also reduce service calls and overall carbon footprint.

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