Easyfood, a Danish producer of baked goods, has selected transcritical CO2 (R744) racks for a new production line that will produce sausage rolls.

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Europe, with headquarters in Rueil-Malmaison, France, will provide the equipment, including two PowerCO2OL racks with a combined capacity of 1,100kW (312.8TR) at various temperature levels. Both racks are equipped with Carrier’s patented ejector solution.

The two racks will deliver -40°C (-40°F) cooling for a CO2 DX spiral freezer, chilled glycol for process cooling of the machinery in the production line, cooling for three smaller medium-temperature and low-temperature cold rooms and cooling of ventilated air (with DX coils in the air handling units).

The turnkey solution delivered by Carrier includes heat recovery and will supply heat at two temperature levels for process and room heating. The total heat recovery capacity is approximately 650kW (185TR).

“Easyfood chose the CO2 solution from Carrier due to its low power consumption, easy service and installation and the smaller machine room needed compared to an ammonia system,” explained Klaus Jensen, Sales Manager for the Industrial Segment at Carrier Denmark. “The bakery values Carrier’s proven track record with CO2 installations.”

Easyfood has two production racks that use ammonia/NH3 (R717) refrigeration.

Largest CO2 rack

The PowerCO2OL system is the largest CO2 rack offered by Carrier. It’s available in capacities up to 1.5MW (427TR) for medium temperature, up to 1.0MW (284TR) for low temperature, and up to 2MW (569TR) for heat pumps. It can be configured as a single- or dual-temperature solution.

The PowerCO2OL system is available in multiple configurations, including with direct expansion, flooded liquid chillers, pump-assisted flooded low-temperature systems and liquid-to-liquid heat pumps. The unit can be packaged in either indoor or outdoor formats.

“Easyfood chose the CO2 solution from Carrier due to its low power consumption, easy service and installation and the smaller machine room needed compared to an ammonia system,”

Klaus Jensen, Carrier

The rack integrates CO2OLtec EVO modulating vapor ejector technology as a standard feature to achieve high energy efficiency, providing up to 30% energy savings on an annual basis versus a standard transcritical CO2 system, Carrier said.

The PowerCO2OL system recently won the Innovation of the Year award at the ATMO Virtual Trade Show (VTS) for natural refrigerant technologies (ATMO VTS was organized by shecco, publisher of R744.com).

Increased acceptance of CO2

“The acceptance of CO2 equipment for large scale refrigeration applications has increased in Denmark, with companies citing the need for sustainable and efficient refrigeration solutions,” said Jensen. “With its impressive results in terms of efficiency, CO2 is significantly gaining market share on these large-scale applications.”

Carrier continues to invest in research and development to create innovative technology and achieve best-in-class results, developing offerings for high- capacity equipment and turnkey installations for the food processing, warehouse and sport venue segments, the company said.

In addition to industrial refrigeration, Carrier is also gaining a foothold in the heat pump market, installing its first PowerCO2OL heat pump for a district heating supplier with a 1.2MW (341TR) capacity. Carrier is developing heat pump projects such as air-to-water heat pumps for district heating as well as refrigeration systems and chillers that include 100% heat recovery.

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