A two-day conference on ‘Refrigeration in the supermarket sector’ – taking place on 8-9 November 2017 at the Danish Technological Institute, Taastrup, Denmark (just outside of Copenhagen) – will highlight different challenges and opportunities in the supermarket sector.

The conference will discuss how updated climate policies represent an opportunity for the cooling sector to increase energy efficiency and reduce its emissions. Francesco Scuderi, Eurovent, and Alvaro De Õna, shecco, will both provide analysis of current legislation and market trends in the European commercial refrigeration market. 

Kim Christensen of Advansor A/S, and Kenneth Bank Madsen of Danfoss will give concrete examples on how Denmark has shifted its supermarkets from R404A – a high GWP HFC – to the natural refrigerant CO2.

Along with these companies, Francesco Mastrapasqua of Epta and Bjarke Hansen of the Danish Energy Agency will also present. 

The conference also introduces two new projects that DTI is involved in, one on ‘Super Supermarkets’ that use excess heat from the refrigeration systems’ compressors to provide district heating, and the other on IEA HPP Annex 44 that looks at creating energy-efficient supermarkets.

The first day of the conference will primarily be taken up with these presentations, while on the second day participants will be involved in group sessions focusing on the challenges for manufacturers, suppliers, installers and end users.

The conference is primarily targeted at suppliers of cooling systems, installers, and supermarkets, i.e. representatives from both the purchasing department, energy management, and daily operations.

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