Danish refrigeration OEM Advansor has broken ground on a new manufacturing and storage facility in Aarhus, Denmark, that will increase the CO2 (R744) specialist’s production capacity by 50%, according to a post on Advansor’s LinkedIn page.

Advansor is a leading European manufacturer of transcritical CO2 systems for supermarkets, warehouses and ice rinks.

Advansor cites increased demand and being able to deliver on time as the main reasons for the expansion. “We want to be sure that we can keep our delivery reliability at 99%,” said Advansor CEO Kristian Breitenbauch.

In a ceremony on November 4, attended by Aarhus Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard, Advansor and construction contractor KT Erhvervsbyg A/S started work on a new 3,100m2 (33,368ft2) manufacturing hall and a 1,350m2 (14,531ft2) storage area for gas coolers and other equipment. The first part of the expansion is expected to be ready in March 2022 and the remainder in October of that year.

It was no coincidence that the mayor swung by for the ceremony, as Advansor prides itself on an excellent working relationship with the local council. “Having the right area and permissions for building and expanding, close to the highway and with city buses running to the door is important,” said Lisette Lykke Hansen, Strategic Marketing and Digitalization Manager at Advansor. It is also important to “have a municipality that thinks about the right placement for industries and companies when planning,” she added.

The new buildings will add extra production lines to Advansor’s existing manufacturing facilities. They were built in 2019 and also include storage areas, training facilities and administrative offices.

“We build next to our existing production,” Lykke Hansen explained. “We only have a door between the offices and production, and of course everybody uses the same canteen to ensure a good cooperation.”

“The expansion would not have been possible if not for the hard work and true dedication of the entire Advansor Team and our loyal customers and partners,” Breitenbauch added. “We are very happy and proud, and are ready to continue or mission designing and producing the world´s most sustainable cooling and heating solutions.”

“We want to be sure that we can keep our delivery reliability at 99%”

Kristian Breitenbauch.

Advansor is not just expanding its production; it is also continuously working to improve its products. Recently, the company announced that beginning in 2022, all its CO2 racks will be approved for 130bar (1,885psig), instead of the traditional 120bar (1,740psig).

“We have tested and approved more than 4,500 components and are now ready with the new solution,“ Kenneth Bank Madsen, Technical Director at Advansor, said at the time.

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