The Danish Technological Institute (DTI), a research and technology company specializing in energy and climate issues, has announced three new online courses focusing on natural refrigerants and heat pumps. The courses will take place between May 19 and June 9.

Two of the courses focus on ammonia and CO2. The CO2 course provides an overview of the latest developments in supermarket CO2 refrigeration, aiming to give participants insight into current market trends, possibilities and challenges.

The CO2 course will also introduce participants to the latest knowledge on system design and heat recovery. Its target group includes consultants, project engineers and other people working with CO2-based refrigeration systems. 

The ammonia course covers the basics of working with ammonia refrigeration systems, including installation, safety, optimized operation and operational issues. It is designed for people with limited experience in ammonia systems, including consultants, owners and general users of refrigeration plants.

The third course looks at the integration of heating and cooling in heat pumps to increase energy efficiency. The course will provide an overview of existing technology, its applications and economic aspects. It will also give access to video presentations of case studies, and include a Q&A session with DTI’s heat pump experts.

All three courses are in English and take place between 2 and 4pm CEST. The participation fee for each class is DKK375 (US$55). For dates and more information, click below. 

CO2 Refrigeration for Supermarkets

Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

Heat Pumps for Increasing Energy Efficiency

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