Deka Controls, a German designer and manufacturer of components and controls for subcritical and transcritical CO2 (R744) systems, has joined the world’s leading R744 HVAC&R stakeholders as a bronze partner of the marketplace.

With its headquarters in Ludwigsburg, the company offers filter driers, oil separators, receivers, electronic sensors, sight glasses and valves rated for pressures ranging from 46 to 130bar (667 to 1,885psi), with the ability to modify as needed. The devices are suited for the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump industries.

“Deka Controls offers [clients] a wide, complex development expertise for standard products and tailor-made modifications,” the company says on its website. With a “lean corporate structure,” the manufacturer adds that its engineers respond “rapidly” to inquiries to offer the precise technology required.

Product rollouts

Founded in 2011, Deka introduced a high-pressure solenoid valve for transcritical CO2 applications to the market in September 2017. With a maximum pressure of 130bar, the valve operates in temperatures ranging from -40 to 130°C (-40 to 266°F).

Six months later, it released a new pressure transmitter rated up to 160bar (2,321psi) for transcritical CO2 systems. In September 2018, the company started manufacturing a differential pressure valve for 120bar (1,740psi) operating pressure.

In January 2019, the company released several components and valves for CO2 applications, including filter drier casings with replaceable inserts rated for 60 and 130bar (870 and 1,885psi) operating pressures, 60 and 120bar differential pressure valves, a 130bar oil separator and a 46bar CO2 medium pressure receiver.

Israeli-based Nik Systems has used controls from Deka in transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems installed in the Middle East. “We have shown the whole world by the example in Israel that transcritical CO2 systems are very promising,” said Nikolay Vodolzov, an engineer and founder of Nik Systems.

“[Our] product portfolio has stood the test of time,” Deka says, adding that its products are made from high-quality materials and are “easy to install” with advisory services available as needed. “Over [our] decades of proven experience in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, [we have offered] rapid and customized solutions, with direct access to our support team.”

The company also offers products applicable to other natural refrigerant systems, including propane (R290), propylene (R1270) and ammonia (R717).

“Deka Controls offers [clients] a wide, complex development expertise for standard products and tailor-made modifications.”

Deka Controls