Danish OEM Advansor announced in an email communication that its SteelXL “energy-optimized” transcritical CO2 rack is being employed by Belgium supermarket chain Delhaize.

The SteelXL rack, with capacities of 195kW (55.4TR) for medium temperature and 35kW (10TR) for low temperature, is “packed with the latest technology for optimal energy savings and lowest climate impact,” said Advansor.

The rack includes the following efficiency-enhancing features:

  • Multi-ejectors that offer energy-saving potential of “up to 10% on an annual basis” compared with the previous generation of transcritical parallel compression systems, said Advansor.
  • Compressors with permanent magnet motors that allow “precise speed control and low temperature levels.”
  • The “Ultra-Low Superheat Module” that removes overheat by increasing evaporation temperature, thereby “lowering the temperature difference [and] requiring less energy for cooling.”
  • Cylinder unloading technology that gives “better capacity regulation” with fewer compressors.
  • Adiabatic control.
  •  Heat recovery for heating water.

Advansor notes on its website that the discount food retailer REMA 1000 is using SteelXL, with a capacity of 1 MW (284.3TR) on a single frame, in its warehouse in western Denmark. The retailer chose CO2 as an alternative to ammonia refrigeration, says Advansor.

Advansor, which offers a wide range of commercial and industrial CO2 refrigeration equipment, recently introduced a new calculation tool that estimates the potential energy savings, and the return on investment (ROI), for CO2 equipment.