The new compressor is specifically designed to serve a 50kW CO2 transcritical air-water heat pump system for making hot water.

The compressor is characterised by “the main flow cooling the engine being directed to three cylinders, while the suction that occurs on the fourth cylinder is allowed to flow through a separate port”. This helps to improve energy efficiency, said Dorin’s marketing manager, Giovanni Dorin.

“A second strength of the compressor, unique in the industry, […] is the external manifold where compression is applied and which ensures a very low degree of heat transfer from the compression to the suction,” said Dorin.

Using it for domestic use, Dorin says “The main application of this technology is heating and domestic hot water production, with a heating capacity from 40 to 110 kW and a water temperature Tout of 80°C and Tin of 40°C (air temperature is estimated at 7°C)”. This should create the perfect temprartures to heat and cool your water at. 

Inspired by the EU’s F-Gas Regulation phasing down the use of HFCs in Europe, Dorin sought to develop an even more environmentally friendly CO2 compressor. He Believes “CO2 will become the most used gas for refrigeration”. 

Heat pump technology, meanwhile, is an efficient means of heating and cooling domestic homes. According to the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), the heat pump sector created almost 45,000 jobs and sold over 800,000 heat pumps in 2014, preventing the emission of 22Mt of greenhouse gases.

Dorin is investing in creating a range of secure, reliable, highly efficient and large-capacity heat pumps using natural refrigerants such as hydrocarbons and CO2.

Specifications of the new four-cylinder transcritical compressor:

  • Transcritical double stage
  • 4 cylinder with bore 34mm and stroke 37 mm
  • Displacement 8,76 (1st stage) + 2,92 (2nd stage) m3/h @ 50 Hz
  • Volumetric ratio 3:1
  • Motor 380-420V/3/50Hz PWS
  • Max. operating current 45 A
  • Design pressure: LP 100 bar – HP 150 bar

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