Italian compressor manufacturer Dorin has officially launched theBOXÉR series of CO2 compressors aimed at mobile HVAC applications like air conditioning in trains and E-busses.

The BOXÉR range was first presented to the world during the 2019 Busworld exhibition, and the compressors have since undergone a period of testing and improvement to achieve the “highest levels of levels of efficiency and reliability,” Dorin said on its website.

The BOXÉR compressors have a compact and symmetric design. The compressors have a height of 235mm (9.24inch), which is up to 42% less than traditional V-shaped compressors of similar capacity. “This makes the BOXÉR range a perfect fit for roof-top installations where compressors must be as compact as possible,” Dorin said

The BOXÉR range features models with cooling capacities from 4 to 28kW at an evaporating temperature of 10°C (50°F), and heating capacities of 4 to 23kW at an evaporating temperature of -20°C (-4°F). The units are inverter driven, with a range from 25Hz to 70Hz.

Some of the benefits of the compact and symmetrical design is low vibrations and silent operations. Benefits that are “most desirable in applications where the acoustic comfort of passengers is a priority,” according to Dorin.

The symmetrical design lessens the load on the drive shaft, ensuring higher COPs and less wear on the drive gear over time. This results in lower maintenance costs, Dorin explained.

One of the novelties of the new design is a wider spacing between cylinder banks in the compressor. This allows for quicker cooling. The BOXÉR models also have a “unique” design of the external discharge manifold, which together with the spacing, allows it to provide comfort heating for passengers even at extremely low temperatures. The minimum evaporating temperature of the series is -30°C (-22°F).

The CO2 compressors are equipped with four poles electric motors, and two poles models with be introduced soon. This allows for maximum displacement, “desirable performance ratio and interesting operating costs,” Dorin said.

The current models are built with cast iron housing, but a model with an aluminum housing is currently under validation. Each of the models are also available with semi-hermetic execution to reduce maintenance costs and increase longevity.

There is currently four different semi-hermetic models, all with four cylinders arranged in a boxer configuration. The compressors have a maximum working pressure of 150bar.

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