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Via Aretina 388
50061 loc.tà Compiobbi-FIESOLE (FI)

+39 055623211

About Dorin

Officine Mario Dorin S.p.A.: DORIN INNOVATION!

103 years of mechanical engineering, ALWAYS in the hands of the same family.

Quality, modernity, sustainability are the driving reasons for our BEING. Pioneers and still leaders in the research, study, design and production of NATURAL gas compressors, especially for CO2 applications.

Characterized by a nonstop dedication to customer needs and a constant willingness to meet and satisfy the new demands of our customers, 10% of turnover goes to R&D, the beating heart and true corporate heritage!

The great respect for work represents us. People are the key to our success and the focus of corporate attention. Dorin’s people are the resource that makes the difference that together with a product of the highest quality, allows us to always be competitive.

The pride in who we are is not part of our past, it defines our present and our future!

Innovation and Tradition, a lucid madness, which lives in DORIN since 1918, in perfect balance!

That’s DORIN!

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