Plus, a leading Dutch retailer with over 260 supermarkets in the Netherlands, has committed to installing adiabatic gas coolers in all new CO2 transcritical systems. 

“Starting from 1 January 2016, all newly installed transcritical CO2 systems in supermarkets from the Plus retail organization have been equipped with an adiabatic humidification system on the gas cooler,” according to Italian manufacturer LU-VE

Now the Dutch retailer, in its latest CO2 transcritical installation in Gorinchem, has moved from a standard spray system gas cooler to the latest generation by LU-VE. 

The coefficient of performance (COP) of the CO2 transcritical system has increased by 30% thanks to the use of second-generation of LU-VE coolers.

LU-VE gas coolerIt performed even on the hottest day of the year in Gorinchem (August 2018, outlet CO2 gas cooler temperature was 32°C with ambient temperature 38oC). 

What is unique about these adiabatic gas coolers? “It is important that the water system can drain all used water after each working cycle and during winter time (no legionella and freezing risk). The big advantage of the system is that no water treatment is required. The water can always be taken directly from the drinking water line,” said LU-VE. 

The Gorinchem supermarket also employs heat recovery. “The advanced heat-recovery system [which works with the CO2 transcritical system] has a high and low temperature water circuit for heating the air curtains and floor heating system,” LU-VE said.

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