Eliwell, part of the Schneider Electric Group and a specialist in controls for CO2 refrigeration equipment, is now a silver partner on R744.com.

The Italy-based company has seen a lot of demand for CO2 refrigeration systems in Europe and is seeing some orders from North America and Asia.

“We all know CO2 plants are more and more common in central and northern Europe, while the adoption of such a technology in southern Europe is less frequent due to concerns on efficiency. However, new technologies are beginning to be installed more in that area,” Mauro De Barba, Sr. Product Marketing Manager – Refrigeration Components & Systems, Eliwell, told R744.com.

Eliwell has supermarket installations across all of Europe including in Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain. These installations are based on the Eliwell DOMINO solution. “They are all showing outstanding energy performance, while installers are very satisfied by the simplicity and ease to commission and to maintain,” said De Barba.

The company is working on a new generation of CO2 compressor rack controllers with the aim of building a modular and scalable solution so they can tailor the controller for each climate and component used.

“Our strategy is based on obtaining the best possible efficiency while keeping the system simple to build and maintain. This is made possible considering the total cost of ownership for the solution versus just considering the maximum efficiency,” he said.

“While we see a number of companies proposing more and more complex solutions, we do believe there is an alternative way to get natural refrigerant-based efficient installations and equipment,” he added.

Eliwell also has controllers for hydrocarbons, mainly for plug-in equipment. “Eliwell is actively working on new control solutions to allow OEMs to get higher power out of their equipment with a lower refrigerant charge,” he explained.

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