Emerson has recently introduced to the North American market the iProRACK rack controller, which  is specifically designed for CO2 systems.

Already marketed in Europe, South Africa and Australia, the CO2 controller is “available now” in North America, though not installed in stores yet, said Stephanie Stine, OEM sales account manager, food retail, for Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions, Kennesaw, Ga. , who talked about the controller at the AHR Expo in Atlanta, Ga., last month.

The unit was successfully tested by an OEM in North America, she added.

The controller manages a wide range of CO2 functions, including parallel compression, two heat reclaim circuits, high-pressure and bypass valves, suction and condenser controls, and oil management.

The rack controller communicates with Emerson’s E2 store management system as well as its Supervisory store-management platform and its ConnectPlus Enterprise Services platform, which manages all stores in a chain.

Emerson continues to work on a single-screw transcritical CO2 compressor for industrial heat pumps, said André Patenaude, director food retail growth strategy for Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions. At 300 TR, it would be the largest-capacity CO2 compressor on the market. “One or two screw compressors could replace 10 reciprocating compressors,” he said. He expects the screw compressor to be ready in a year.

Emerson also offers CO2 reciprocating compressors up to 40 hp. “We have one displacement left to get to 50 hp,” Patenaude said.

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