Emerson has launched 35 and 40 HP semi-hermetic reciprocating Copeland CO2 compressors, with the 50 HP version slated for late fall.

The compressors offer capacity ranging from 40,000 BTU/h to 320,000 BTU/h at 20°F SST.

“There is a demand for larger CO2 compressors because CO2 is growing in large commercial and small industrial applications,” said André Patenaude, director of food retail growth strategy, cold chain, for Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions platform, at the AHR Expo in Chicago last month.

“There is a demand for larger CO2 compressors because CO2 is growing in large commercial and small industrial applications.”

André Patenaude, Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions platform

Emerson also plans to bring its Dixell IProRack controller for CO2 systems, sold in Europe, to North America, said Patenaude.

“It has built-in, native CO2 functionality,” he said, overseeing suction groups, high-pressure and flash by-pass valves, heat reclaim, condenser VFDs, and parallel compression. By integrating these functions, the unit “helps eliminate extra controllers and lower cost.”

It does not control ejectors, though that “is in the plans,” he added.

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