Carrier Global Corporation, a Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (U.S.)-based provider of building and cold chain solutions, has announced that St. Louis, Missouri (U.S.) component manufacturer Emerson has joined the Carrier Alliance program.

Both Carrier and Emerson produce natural refrigerant-based equipment. Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, a division of Carrier, is a leading supplier of high-efficiency turnkey CO2 (R744)-based refrigeration systems and services for the food retail industry

Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions, a division of Emerson, provides a wide range of compressors and other components for CO2, propane (R290) and ammonia/NH3 (R717) systems.

The Carrier Alliance is a supplier-focused program designed to optimize the Carrier supply chain by “strengthening and lengthening our relationships with our most valued and strategic suppliers,” said Carrier. Representing “a select group,” suppliers participating in the Carrier Alliance program “benefit from increased recognition, participation in roadmap alignment and the designation of Supplier Excellence Preferred status” added Carrier.

Carrier has long leveraged Emerson’s Copeland compressors, which will be  a critical component of Carrier’s offering to meet or exceed higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating requirements beginning in 2023 in the U.S.

“This agreement enhances our relationship with Emerson and will benefit the industries and customers we serve,” said Rishi Grover, Senior Vice President, Operations, Carrier, in a statement.

“Joining the Carrier Alliance is an exciting step forward for Emerson, and a reflection of our commitment to help our industries confidently navigate forthcoming regulatory challenges and meet shifting demand in this space,” added Jamie Froedge, Executive President, Emerson’s Commercial & Residential Solutions business.

Grover added that the two organizations share a focus on technology and innovation, and this will better position Carrier to offer customers cutting-edge solutions “with an emphasis on improved data analytics and quality.”

Author Ntsako Khosa

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