U.S. component manufacturer Emerson has launched the GO USB, a series of programmable and reusable data loggers for the cold chain industry.

The GO USB loggers collect time, temperature and humidity data from perishable products while they are in transit, including foodstuffs and medicines. The data collected can be downloaded and viewed when the shipment reaches its destination, thus ensuring “only the freshest and safest products reach consumers,” Emerson said in a statement published on August 12.

The GO USB is also designed to “help our customers meet the various requirements for vaccine handling with options to satisfy both the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control guidelines,” Emerson added.

“The GO USB Logger suite of products are easily configurable via software to meet a user’s unique cold chain measurement needs,” said Alex Axelsson, Product Manager at Emerson’s cold chain business. “With one software for all three products, the loggers are flexible enough to be used alone or together, to meet a variety of applications.”

The GO USB is available in three versions: Temp, Humidity and Probe. Temp measures ambient temperature only, and Humidity measures ambient temperature and humidity. The GO USB Probe measures ambient and probe temperatures. For temperature measures the loggers can collect “mean kinetic temperature, minimum and maximum temperatures and humidity, average temperature, alerts and much more,” Emerson explained.

The collected data can be viewed on LCD screens, and be downloaded and presented in PDF format. The PDF reports include an automatically generated audit trail with time stamps for a range of events.

Emerson manufactures a wide range of components for the HVAC&R industry, including the Copeland compressor series, which celebrates its 100th birthday in June. The Copeland compressors include both CO2 and propane (R290) models. Emerson also provides controls for transcritical CO2 systems.

Earlier this year, Emerson launched Copeland Variable Frequency Drives designed for use in a wide variety of commercial and industrial refrigeration applications, including with Emerson’s natural refrigerant compressors.

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