Emerson Climate Technologies was at Mostra Convegno Expoconfort (MCE) 2016 to showcase its Copeland brand compressors for CO2 and propane (R290) applications alongside solutions integrating modulation technology, as well as innovative intelligent electronics for smart and reliable circuit management.

The company’s technology portfolio is designed to stay abreast of upcoming challenges such as the tightening of EU rules under the F-Gas Regulation and the Eco-design Directive as well as market requirements for natural refrigerants, energy efficiency improvements and sustainable performance driven by general demand for return on investment.

Emerson’s Copeland series of Stream compressors targets CO2 booster applications in medium-temperature as well as in low-temperature applications requiring high standstill pressures as well as in low temperature cascade applications. The Copeland series of scroll compressors, meanwhile, is designed for low-temperature CO2 applications in cascade and booster systems for standard operating pressures.

“In transcritical medium temperature, we currently have nine semi-hermetic models, from 4 to 33m3/h. And in subcritical we have six models for low temperature. In scroll, we have six standard models and two new digital models that provide 10…100% continuous modulation,” Barnwal said.

Emerson was also displaying its Alco range flow controls for CO2 refrigeration systems, including the CX valve series for CO2 transcritical and the EX valve series for CO2 subcritical systems. The Dixell brand, meanwhile, provides electronic regulation and control products for refrigeration and air conditioning applications using CO2 as a refrigerant.

“We have a lot of customers asking for CO2,” particularly in large retail applications where booster or cascade systems make good energy efficiency or financial sense, Barnwal said.

He explained that the company’s strength is being able to offer its customers a full CO2 package that includes compressors, flow controls, electronic control and monitoring systems and services. This ensures that customers and end-users are provided with the right support from the very beginning.

In milder, more favourable northern European climates like the UK, CO2 transcritical systems are on the rise, Barnwal observes. He also sees growing potential in warmer southern markets as the technology improves.

Also on show was the company’s Copeland scroll compressor for propane (R290), designed for self-contained medium-temperature applications as well as refrigeration chiller and small cascade systems. Similarly, Emerson provides complete propane solutions using Alco and Dixell components.

Propane applications include retail display cases and plug-in units. “We have seven models for propane applications, ranging from 3 KW to 11 KW. We’re also in the process of developing two more variable speed models, which will complete our propane portfolio,” Barnwal said.

Emerson’s R744 and R290 technologies for refrigeration and comfort applications are designed to ensure that end users comply with EU requirements under the F-Gas Regulation.

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