For decades, CO2 transcritical booster systems have proved very effective in cooler climates as a natural alternative to high-GWP HFC systems. But the desire to expand the adoption of these systems has led to the development of several strategies to improve CO2’s viability in warmer climates. Emerson will hold a pre-event workshop on this topic at the ATMOsphere America conference, in San Diego on June 5.

The Helix Innovation Center by Emerson provides a controlled environment for stakeholders to develop strategies and sustainable models and simulate real-life scenarios. One example of such a real-life scenario is the use of a transcritical CO2 booster system and testing its performance and energy impact at 18 different ambient conditions. The Helix Innovation Center helps to create the ideal refrigeration system while simulating the most challenging conditions without risking product damage.

In the informative two-hour workshop ‘Strategies for Expanding Transcritical CO2 Booster Adoption’, André Patenaude, Emerson’s director of CO2 business development, will talk about the energy impacts of these emerging strategies.

The pre-event workshop will be exclusive to ATMOsphere America participants and will take place on Monday, June 5, from 10:00am-12:00pm in the Aurora Room at Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego.

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