Energy Recovery, a San Leandro, California based manufacturer of pressure-exchanger devices, continues its partnership with the world’s leading CO2 (R744) refrigeration manufacturers as a gold partner of the marketplace.

In July 2021, the company joined the marketplace as a bronze partner. Energy Recovery’s upgrade to the gold partnership comes after being awarded Innovation of the Year 2023 for its pressure exchanger, PX G1300, by industry peers at the ATMOsphere America Summit 2023, held June 12–13 in Washington D.C.

“Energy Recovery desires to be more visible, engage with more partners and support more customers,” said Marc Chasserot, Founder and Owner of ATMOsphere and the marketplace.

“We look forward to our continued partnership with R744, bringing the latest news and innovations to the CO2 industry,” said KC Chen, Vice President of CO2 at Energy Recovery. “The continued adoption of CO2 as a refrigerant is critical to the world’s campaign to slow climate change and reduce global emissions, and education plays a key role in that effort.”

Based on laboratory testing and case study installations, “[our] PX G1300 device can increase the energy efficiency of CO2-based commercial refrigeration systems by more than 25% at 35–40°C (95–104°F) [ambient temperatures] and by more than 30% at temperatures above 40°C” when compared to standard CO2 systems without energy recovery devices or systems, the company said.

The PX technology recovers the pressure energy otherwise lost in a CO2 refrigeration cycle and redistributes it throughout the system, “saving energy which lowers cost, waste and emissions,” the company added.


In 2017, Energy Recovery started work on a pressure exchanger for commercial CO2 refrigeration systems as part of a U.S. Department of Energy project

Last May, the company reported that its PX G1300 device demonstrated a 30% energy savings in ambient temperatures above 40°C in a newly constructed Italian supermarket using a CO2 refrigeration system from Italian-based OEM Epta Group.

At the ATMOsphere America Summitt 2023, Chen presented data collected by an independent assessor from a device installed in an existing CO2 (R744) refrigeration system in November 2022 in a Vallarta Supermarkets store in Indio, California, finding it reduced energy consumption by 30% in ambient temperatures ranging from 95 to 105°F (35 to 40.6°C).

“Because PX provides extra free compression even when there is a heat wave, your CO2 refrigeration system can keep going, making it future-proof,” Chen said at the summit.

The results from the Indio store have led Vallarta Supermarkets and Energy Recovery to announce the installation of the device at a second Vallarta store in Salinas, California. “The PX G1300 has made our CO2 refrigeration system more cost-effective and energy-efficient, reducing our emissions while mitigating the impact of summer heat waves,” said Steven Goh, Director of Energy Management and Sustainability for Vallarta Supermarkets.

According to the company’s website, Energy Recovery “turned an invention for desalination into a global business to accelerate environmental sustainability operations in multiple industries.”

“We look forward to our continued partnership with R744, bringing the latest news and innovations to the CO2 industry.”

KC Chen, Vice President of CO2 at Energy Recovery