Eurovent, Europe’s association for Indoor Climate (HVAC), Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain Technologies, has elected Maurizio Orlandi, Technical Compliance & Intellectual Property Manager for Italian OEM Epta, to be the new Chairman of the Eurovent Product Group for Commercial Refrigeration Equipment (PG-RDC).

Orlandi succeeds Pierluigi Schiesaro, R&D Director for Italian OEM Arneg, who served as the Eurovent PG-RDC Chairman since January 2005. Eurovent also re-elected Jesus Beraza, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer for Spanish OEM Koxka, to be Vice-Chairman of the PG-RDC, a position he has held since September 2016.

All of the companies represented – Epta, Arneg and Koxka – manufacture systems for natural refrigerants, including CO2 (R744) and propane (R290)

Orlandi, who has extensive experience in Eurovent and within the refrigeration industry, was elected with Beraza during an online meeting on January 14.

“Starting with a personal thanks to Pierluigi for his contribution to this Product Group, it is a great honor for the trust you bestowed upon me, and I look forward to working in the direction of strengthening Eurovent and our industry in the European and global landscape,” said Orlandi.

Added Beraza: “I would like to show my appreciation to the group participants for having the confidence in me to continue supporting this group as the Vice-Chairman, and to stress my commitment to definitively boost fair competition, one of the main guiding principles of Eurovent.”

The PG-RDC covers refrigerated display cabinets (remote and integral units), walk-in cold rooms, commercial beverage coolers, ice-cream freezers and refrigeration packs. It is the largest European working group of commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturers. The next meeting of the PG-RDC will take place on February 2 online.

The manufacturers within all of Eurovent’s product groups:

  • Actively participate in the development of European (e.g. Ecodesign) and international legislation.
  • Join forces to develop “codes of good practice” for the industry (known as “Eurovent Recommendations”), which later find their ways into standards and legislation.
  • Share their expertise across borders, “contributing to a true level playing field and markets with fewer barriers,” said Eurovent.

“I look forward to working in the direction of strengthening Eurovent and our industry in the European and global landscape.”

Maurizio Orlandi, Epta

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