Last week (5 April), Italian retail design conglomerate the Epta Group announced its latest CO2 transcritical installation in South America, for leading Chilean retailer Cencosud. 

The Epta Group, with support from the technical departments of Epta Chile and Epta Argentina, has been able to complete 25 transcritical CO2 installations in South America. 

The new store, located in the Maipu commune of Santiago province, Chile, uses two transcritical racks. The CO2 system can provide a total cooling power of 684 kW at low temperature and 148 kW at medium temperature, irrespective of the area’s high outside ambient temperatures.

In the the 500th anniversary year of Leonardo da Vinci’s passing, “we renew our commitment to combine, like the genius of da Vinci, creative talent, genius and a taste for beauty, in a perfect combination of innovation and aesthetics, in order to propose solutions with low environmental impact and offer our contribution to sustainable change in Chile,” said Luca Trombetti, commercial director of Epta Chile.

The new store in Maipu also uses cabinets from Epta to cool ready-made risottos and paellas.

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