Italian OEM Epta and its Costan brand have furnished the new Edeka Treugut supermarket in Berlin with 60m (197ft) of its CO2 (R744)-based remote cabinets, according to a statement from the manufacturer.

The installation includes the Tortuga Reverse Island, which uses Epta Reverse technology and is only available for transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems. Thanks to Epta Reverse, the product can be switched from low temperature to medium temperature with the “turn of a key,” explained Epta.

“The system allows [varying] the temperature of use, from low to medium, ensuring complete food proposals inside the cabinet, with a consequent implementation of cross-merchandising,” it added.

Epta Reverse technology requires one additional suction pipe than a single-temperature display case does, said the manufacturer.

The dual-temperature cabinet also contains two independent evaporators, which enables it to manage two application temperatures in the same island. According to Epta, this can help supermarkets manage seasonality better.

The Tortuga Reverse Island offers an increased volume and can display a “vast amount” of product, said the manufacturer.

The store’s 1,000m2 (10,764ft2) of sales space also includes many of Costan’s vertical medium-temperature GranVista Next cabinets, which are used for a range of fresh products like dairy, meat and fish.

The GranVista Next cabinet is among Costan’s most energy-efficient models, “positioned in class B on the energy scale,” said Epta.

While available in an open format, Edeka Treugut has opted for a closed version for its Berlin store.

“The closed version with full-height frameless glass doors ensures the best visibility of the gastronomic selections,” explained the manufacturer.

The supermarket also uses Epta’s Dual Airflow system to allow for “better management of aeraulics and reduce heat exchange between aisles,” it added.

Urban design

The supermarket is located in Berlin’s famous Bülowstrasse district, which is known for its street art.

Inspired by the neighborhood, Sandra Treugut, Manager of the Edeka Treugut chain, decided to bring the urban design style into the supermarket, including for the display cases.

“As a consolidated partner of the Treugut chain, Epta has succeeded in giving shape to all our ideas, with an impeccable pre- and post-sales service,” said Treugut. “The cabinets emphasize the display, and their layout is in perfect harmony with the urban style that we have chosen to characterize the supermarket.”

“As a consolidated partner of the Treugut chain, Epta has succeeded in giving shape to all our ideas, with an impeccable pre- and post-sales service.”

Sandra Treugut, Edeka Treugut

According to Epta, the LED lighting of the cabinets helps to define the “metropolitan and industrial style of the supermarket,” as well as enhancing product display.