55th Offering of the Industrial Refrigeration Workshop

A virtual offering of the short course on industrial refrigeration as practiced in food freezing, refrigeration and in other low temperature applications.  A systematic study is made of the technical background, the practice and the latest developments in low temperature refrigeration. Started in 1982, this is the 55th offering of the workshop.

Topics to be covered: Refrigerant properties, single-, two-stage, and cascade refrigeration cycles, load calculations, construction of refrigerated buildings, liquid recirculation systems, reciprocating and screw compressors, performance and selection of evaporator coils, condensers, energy conservation, vessel sizing, liquid pumps, pipe sizing, safety, and control of both halocarbon and ammonia systems.  A thread that will extend through the week is the design of an ammonia refrigeration system serving a food distribution center incorporating selected low-charge technology.  Refrigeration equipment and systems used in this facility are typical of a wide variety of applications.

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