GCCA Cold Chain Policy Forum

The Cold Chain Policy Forum is the premier policy event and fly-in for businesses engaged in temperature-controlled logistics. It features education sessions and keynote presentations focused on regulations and legislation that directly impact the industry, meetings with key federal agency officials, congressional meetings, and more.

In 2021, the Policy Forum will continue to provide a focus on key regulatory issues impacting the industry, connecting participants with agency representatives to hear the latest policy developments.  New for 2021 will be an expanded focus on legislative issues with participants having the opportunity to directly engage with Congressional offices to communicate the industry’s priorities.

The Government Affairs, Safety and Refrigeration and Energy Committees as well as GCCA committees focused on association governance (executive committees, finance committee, insurance committee, etc.) will hold their meetings in conjunction with the GCCA Cold Chain Policy Forum in DC (July 26-28, 2021) – see the schedule for more details.

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