The Fifth International Conference on Efficient Building Design

The objective of the conference is to present advanced research targeting human wellbeing and energy through design of safe, healthy, thermally comfortable, and resilient buildings at minimal energy costs. Moreover, papers are welcome on topics that encompass sustainable HVAC solutions that can combat global warming in arid and semi-arid regions and the influence of adoption of sustainable practices by various stakeholders on the investment in decarbonization of buildings.

The focus of the 5th ASHRAE Beirut Conference is on better building design and state of art technologies in building materials and systems will greatly reduce the energy consumption and hence reduce the emission in carbon dioxide. It is of interest to present at the conference papers on design, systems, and control strategies of low energy and near zero energy buildings and prospects of next-generation sustainable HVAC systems that are dependent on renewable energy sources. Moreover, presentations on the latest developments of energy efficiency standards and other building codes including new refrigerants that are adapted to the warmer climates.

Parallel to the conference, a number of courses will be facilitated and offered on site​ by the ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI).

The conference topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Sustainability in building design
  • Advancements in building materials
  • Environmental air quality and air quality standards
  • Air distribution systems for reducing cross contamination in occupied spaces.
  • HVAC technologies
  • Solar heating and cooling for built environment
  • Low and near zero energy buildings
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