Showing that CO2 transcritical is fit for the South American market, Colombian grocery chain Éxito has fitted its first such system, in a new Bogotá store. Cabinets provided by Spain’s EXKAL and featuring a rack from Advansor-Hillphoenix, the project is one of the South American country’s first.

The new store, which opened on 15 June, is located in the Colombian capital’s Multiplaza La Felicidad mall. 

Éxito is the main supermarket chain in Colombia, with a total of 266 stores. Looking at highly efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional refrigerants, EXKAL, based in Navarra, Spain, has participated in this CO2 transcritical pilot project in the Multiplaza store with a full range of refrigerated cabinets.

“The interest for this technology is growing fast – there are already installations in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and now Colombia,” said Alfonso Antoñanzas, CEO at EXKAL.

The CO2 transcritical system features an electrical absorbed power in the rack and smaller diameter pipes.

EXKAL provided open and closed-door multideck cabinets, counters, and frozen food cabinets, all designed for CO2 refrigerant. The units also integrate other sustainable solutions such as lighting and temperature control.

“CO2 is an efficient natural refrigerant with zero ODP and a GWP of 1, widely available in the market and a future-proof solution.” 

Alfonso Antoñanzas, EXKAL

Today an increasing number of supermarkets in Latin America are familiar with natural refrigerant solutions available for stores. “At EXKAL, we support them from the start and assist them so that they choose the best solution according to their needs,” Antoñanzas said.

“CO2 is an efficient natural refrigerant with zero ODP and a GWP of 1, widely available in the market and a future-proof solution,” he added.

Expanding the market in Latin America

Legislation, training and R&D investments may drive the market, Antoñanzas said. “All these together, along with corporate social responsibility, will push the market towards CO2.”

EXKAL is also evaluating the use of hydrocarbons for commercial refrigeration applications. “The biggest challenge is the charge limit,” he noted.  Founded in 2005, EXKAL offers a wide range of display cases (remote, plug-in and speciality). The company has manufacturing facilities in Spain, China and Chile as well as a network of sales branches and dealers around the world. It has been awarded the following certifications: ISO 9001 (Quality), IQNet Sr10 (Corporate Social Responsibility), ISO14001 (Environment), ISO18001 (Safety), Eureka and Chineka (Innovation).

Author Pilar Aleu

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