Japanese OEM Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (MHI) has sold 160 of its 10- and 20-HP “C-Puzzle” CO2 condensing units in Japan so far this fiscal year, already doubling its sales from its 2018 fiscal year, the company revealed at the FOOMA Japan 2019 exhibition, which is being held in Tokyo July 9-12 (MHI’s fiscal year runs from April through March).

MHI is exhibiting its 20-HP unit at the event, which is one of the regions largest international exhibitions for food processing and manufacturing technologies.

“Although it is still a limited number of shipments, it is more than expected,” said Taichi Kayama, a manager for MHI’s low temperature food sales and engineering division.

Kayama said that the company has only recently set a sales target for next year and did not disclose the number.

Regarding where the systems are mostly being employed, Kayama said “almost 100% of the [CO2] systems are being used in cold storage facilities at the moment.”

In addition, Kayama revealed that MHI is currently developing larger capacity CO2 systems, but did not mention specific details.

“Larger systems are mainstream right now,” Kayama said regarding the food manufacturing industry, “so 20-HP systems are not ideal.

“We are currently planning to develop [CO2] equipment larger than 20 HP. In the future, when this capacity is increased, we would like to install our systems at food manufacturing freezer facilities.”

MHI exhibited the same 20-HP CO2 condensing unit at last year’s FOOMA Japan event, where the company said they expected to sell around 100 units in the coming year.

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