Japanese OEM Mayekawa is exhibiting its newly developed CO2 condensing unit, dubbed “Copel”, for the first time at the FOOMA Japan 2021 exhibition being held in Nagoya, Japan from June 1-4.

FOOMA Japan (short for the International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition) is one of Asia’s largest exhibitions for food machinery and food processing technologies. The event was last held in 2019, skipping 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayekawa’s Copel CO2 system comes in three types: a new “medium-sized” Copel version released this year as well as Copel-F and Copel-C models. The new medium-sized Copel has a cooling capacity of 100kW (28.5TR). Copel-F has a cooling capacity of 30kW (8.5TR) and is aimed at cold storage facilities and frozen food processing. Copel-C has a cooling capacity 70kW and is aimed at refrigerated warehouses and cargo handling rooms, etc.

Mayekawa says that around 40 units of their Copel CO2 condensing unit have been sold as of March 2021.

The company first announced the development of the “Copel” CO2 condensing unit in 2019. The system is an air-cooled packaged unit that is “ideal for cold storage warehouses and food factories,” the company’s website states.