Italian manufacturer Frascold introduced two new series of semi-hermetic compressors, the FVR and the Z TK, at last month’s EuroShop trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The hydrocarbon-compatible FVR series is aimed at industrial refrigeration, and the transcritical CO2 Z TK series is for both industrial and commercial applications.

The most significant selling points of the FVR series are: compact size, low noise, and the ability to run on a partial load, according to a Frascold press release. The low noise levels are due to the special profile of the compressor screws, and the ability to run on partial load gives the units better durability and “significant” energy savings, Frascold said. The units are “plug and play” solutions, with very easy installation, and have a COP that is 5% higher than previous Frascold compressor models.

The FVR series includes two models, versions L and H. Both are compatible with hydrocarbons like propane (R290) as well as HFC refrigerants, and both can be provided in 50Hz and 60Hz delivery-rate versions, for a total capacity ranging from 120 to 160 m3/h (4,238 to 5,650ft3/h) at 50 Hz, and from 144 to 192 m3/h (5,085 to 6,780ft3/h) at 60 Hz. The L version has an evaporation temperature as low as -50°C (-58°F) and the H model as low as -20°C (-4°F).

The Z TK is a series of semi-hermetic six-cylinder transcritical CO2 compressors, comprising three models aimed at industrial and commercial applications like superstores, shopping centers and storage centers.

They boast an “exclusive” Frascold piston design with three piston rings and a fourth oil scraper, giving them “maximum” reliability and efficiency, according to Frascold. This piston design also gives the units minimal oil carry-over.

The series has a high degree of flexibility, with units being able to work in a frequency range from 30 to 70 Hz. The Z TK units are also characterized by low vibrations, enabling smooth running and low noise levels, and giving them a high energy efficiency, said Frascold.

The three models are the Z40-31TK and Z50-38TK for boosters, which have a displaced volume of 31 m3/h (1,095ft3/h) and 38 m3/h (1,342ft3/h) respectively; and the Z50-31TK, which is suitable for heat pumps, and has a displaced volume of 31 m3/h (1,095ft3/h).

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