At the EuroShop trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany, this week, German manufacturer GEA Bock introduced CO2 compressors that offer higher efficiency and are more compact.

The new models, launched under the motto “The °Clever Art of Cooling,” include the HGX44e subcritical compressor and the HGX24 (L)T transcritical compressor.

“The new subcritical and transcritical CO2 compressor series offer clever solutions for refrigeration systems, especially in the application of supermarkets and distribution centers – future-proof, reliable, powerful,” said Manuel Fröschle, Product Manager Natural Refrigerants at GEA Bock.

“Operators benefit especially from improved process efficiency with minimized energy costs and a wide range of applications – also in combination with heat recovery and air conditioning,” Fröschle added.

The HGX44e subcritical compressor is designed for industrial low-temperature applications, and offers a minimum of 6% higher efficiency, compared to other compressors currently on the market, according to GEA.

The HGX24 (L)T transcritical compressor is designed for smaller supermarket applications, and offers 9 to 21kW (2.6 to 6TR) capacity at medium temperatures. 

“Thanks to the CO2-specific design, the compact compressors guarantee high flexibility in application through a wide frequency range, with minimum partial load control and maximum operational reliability,” said Fröschle.

Aside from its new CO2 offerings, GEA Bock also showcased its range of commercial reciprocating compressors for hydrocarbons such as propane and propylene at EuroShop, which began February 16 and concludes February 20.

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