German manufacturer GEA Refrigeration Technologies announced the opening of a service branch in Patterson, California, for industrial refrigeration customers.

The GEA service location – its third in the U.S. – will offer field service for maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting, installation and commissioning. “GEA products and services are now even more accessible, particularly for customers located in the western region of North America,” the company said in a statement. The other two locations are in York, Pennsylvania and Pasadena, Texas.

GEA manufacturers a range of compressors and other products for CO2 (R744).

Rebuild services are available in the U.S. for both GEA compressors and those from other manufacturers. “Swift turnarounds of rebuilds from GEA’s entire product range are now possible at all three branches, which means urgent rebuilds can be carried out at the facility closest to the customer,” the company said.

“We’re committed to providing our customers with responsive service and high-quality products delivered by professional and experienced personnel,” said Carlos J. Lugo, Head of Service at GEA Refrigeration Technologies in North America.

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Author Ntsako Khosa

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