GEA Bock’s new StarCO2mpressor has been awarded a 2019 Busworld Innovation Label Award by an international jury of experts at the Busworld Expo, which took place in Brussels, Belgium, from October 18-23.

“We are delighted that our new StarCO2mpressor has received the Innovation Label Award,” said Ulrich Frey, Product Manager Mobile Applications at GEA Bock. “It confirms the leading position of GEA Bock compressors in the refrigeration and air-conditioning technology sector and shows that functionality, economy and climate protection can go hand in hand even with mobile compressors for natural refrigerants.”

The StarCO2mpressor has a unique star-shaped piston configuration, and is designed specifically for use with CO2. It has a very compact design, and this makes it “perfectly suited for space-saving roof installation in electric buses and railways,” according to Frey.

Its features “include the lowest overall height in the industry of only 220mm [8.7in] and a light weight of only 83kg [183lbs], which is at least 25% below the standard compressor in this performance class,” Frey added.

The StarCO2mpressor technology generates enough heat, even at temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F), that there’s no need for auxiliary heaters. This can increase the range of an electric bus up to 40%.

“The innovative technology of the StarCO2mpressor has already successfully proven its practical suitability in extensive field tests with renowned manufacturers,” said Frey.

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