German manufacturer Güntner has made gas coolers rated to 130bar (1,886psi) available for CO2 (R744) refrigeration systems, according to Matthew Belford, Senior Key Account Manager at Güntner, in an interview at the Food Industry Association (FMI) Energy and Store Development Conference.

The event took place October 2‒4 in Baltimore, Maryland (U.S.).

“We can provide our CO2 gas cooler with 130bar rating,” Belford said, indicating that the company’s standard is 120bar (1,740psi). “The 130bar rating is not standard, but it is available,” he added.

Other projects at Güntner include integrating the two controllers for its adiabatic coolers ‒ vapor and water ‒ into a single controller. “Beginning in the first quarter of 2024, we are going to have both of those controllers integrated into one,” Belford said, adding that programs uploaded from a USB flash drive make evaporator operations easier.

The consolidation builds on the company’s digitalization to improve performance. “Using Internet of Things [IoT] technology, we can access units remotely and do preventive maintenance,” he explained.

Starting in 2017, Güntner looked for innovative ideas to connect machines to analytics platforms via internet-connected sensors, the company’s website says. The first phase of the developed IoT provides “real-time system and unit information such as temperature, fan velocity, voltage and operating hours” for monitoring by clients and Güntner operatives.

Being connected to the data in real-time allows us to be on hand for our clients, says Rafael Lopez, Engineering, Procuring and Construction Sales Representative at Güntner, on the website. “If the data we collect helps us improve system operation ‒ the best use of energy and water, it supports our global sustainability objectives.”

“We are a company focused and passionate about natural refrigerants and sustainable solutions,” Belford said, with six sustainability pledges to be met by 2030 listed on the company website.

Founded in 1931 in Munich, Güntner operates globally with manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia and the U.S. As a 2023 ATMO-approved manufacturer, the company believes natural refrigerants ‒ CO2, ammonia (R717), hydrocarbons, air and water ‒ create a better world through safe and sustainable use.

“A big push for us right now is our ADC-HD product line for ammonia condensers,” said Jascha Heynck, Güntner Vice President of Sales, at the FMI conference. According to the product webpage, the air-cooled heat exchanger offers 225 to 750TR (791 to 2,638kW) in ammonia condenser operation.

“We can provide our CO2 gas cooler with 130bar rating.”

Matthew Belford, Senior Key Account Manager at Güntner